1. What type of riding software can the Thinkrider Power, X3, X5 and X7 use?
  2. Thinkrider A1, X3, X5 and x7 use the international ANT+ wireless signal protocol, so common software on the market can all be adapted, such as POWERFUN, ZWIFT, TRAINERROAD, etc.
  3. How do I connect the TV to the cycling trainer?
  4. The Smart cycling trainer can only connect a PC or mobile phone with software installed. To use it on the TV (or projector), you need to run your computer with your mobile phone. We recommend using an HDMI cable for best picture quality without delay.
  5. Can the cycling trainer be connected to the GARMIN GPS?
  6. As long as the GARMIN GPS is a standard ANT+ protocol (such as GARMIN, BRYTON, etc.) which has the function to connect the power meter to the device and can get real time power data.
  7. What is the difference between the Thinkrider X5 NEO and the Power-A1?
  8. Thinkrider X5 NEO and Power A1 are both riding simulators with built-in power meter, with a similar structure, and many components are universal. The main difference between them is that the resistance of the Thinkrider X5 NEO can be intelligently adjusted by software, while the resistance of the Power-A1 is fixed, and can only be adjusted by the transmission on the trainer; in addition, A1 is specially designed for portability. Thanks to the built-in button battery, A1 does not need an external power supply, while the Thinkrider X5 NEO must be connected to a 220V power supply.
  9. Is the drive platform damaged when not electrified?
  10. Thinkrider X5 NEO and X7 require an external power supply. If they are not powered, the resistance is very low and the high travel speed is not conducive to the life of the ride, so it is not recommended to use them in this way. However, the Power-A1 model has a constant resistance without power supply, which does not affect the use.
  11. Once the cycling trainer is turned on, why can’t the riding software search for the trainer on the computer?
  12. Firstly, please ensure that the ant + receiver inserted into the computer is as close as possible to the exercise bike. It is recommended that you use the USB extension cable to slide the receiver close to the light on the exercise bike. If you still cannot receive it, your computer system may not have the Ant + Driver pre-installed (as is the case with many hacked systems). If this is the case, please download and install the ant + driver from the official Thinkrderider website.
  13. (Download website:)
  14. When Thinkrider X5 NEO and X7 are connected to the driver software, why can’t you feel the resistance change at the top and bottom of the slope?
  15. It is possible that the ant + wireless signal is interfered, which causes data packet switching (ant is a low power protocol, much weaker than mobile phone Bluetooth signal). It is recommended to use the USB extension cable in the accessory bag to drag the receiver close to the training bike (like to hang it on the handlebars, or attach it directly to the side of the rear axle). The signal would be much better.
  16. Road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, thru-axle and quick release bikes, which ones can be used?
  17. The Thinkrider Power-A1, X5 NEO and X7 are compatible with standard mountain bikes and quick-release road bikes (130-135 ), and are also compatible with 142-148 disc brakes. However, the thru axle is not listed as standard and must be purchased separately.
  18. Why doesn’t the X7 have a front wheel block?
  19. The Thinkrider Power-A1 and X7 do not need to use the front wheel block, as the height of the front and rear axles is the same on the exercise bike. The new X5 NEO has a front wheel lock.
  20. Can the CP and XDR wheel be used? Do you need another free hub body?
  21. The Thinkrider Power-A1, X5 NEO and X7 are fitted with a Shimano HG 11-speed freehub body as standard; the CP and XDR freehub bodies can be fitted, but these are optional parts that must be purchased separately.
  22. I am using the Shimano 12 Speed mountain kit. Can I use the Thinkrider training bike?
  23. The Shimano mountain 12 Speed Micro spine-less hub body, which we do not supply at the moment. But you can buy a 12 speed flywheel from a third party and install it on the original HG 11 speed free hub body, which can fit the 12 speed drivetrain.