Powerfun App:

PC apk download V2.2.1.0
Android apk download V2.0.5.0
IOS apk download V2.0.5.0

Partners App:

Zwift is a virtual reality platform for indoor cycling that turns indoor training into a game. Connect your Wahoo KICKR or SNAP bike trainer and ride, race or train in real time, day or night, with amateur and professional riders from around the world. Go for it!

TRAINERROAD Speed up your pace with structured indoor workouts and science-backed training plans. When you connect your Wahoo KICKR or SNAP, TrainerRoad will tell you exactly what you need to do to go as fast as possible on the bike.

ThinkRider Tools:

ThinkRiderTools is a firmware upgrade tool for the Thinkrider X7 III.

The purpose of the pin is to compensate for changes in the damping of the belts and internal bearings of the riding platform due to prolonged use, eliminating the effect on power accuracy.
We recommend that you do a pin every 30 hours of riding (or every 30 days). Please plug in and warm up the unit for 2-3 minutes before unplugging.

The upgrade is when we have updated the function, you can switch to the new software through the APP to experience the new function in time.