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Compression boots for athletes
After exercise, athletes always experience muscle soreness, caused by lactic acid build-up. Compression boots for athletes could provide an effective compression therapy for the muscles, perfect for pre- and post-workouts, as well as for rehabilitation.

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Fitdoheem recovery K8 are our value model. A set of trousers with 8 overlapping chambers that can be switched on and off. You can choose the boot size that suits you best. Our rescue trousers use compressed air to massage or eliminate swelling to help you recover faster. The treatment involves kneading and stretching the muscles during a massage. Recovery trousers can also be useful in the following cases

– Restlessness in the legs

– oedema

– diabetes

– Arthritic pain

Here’s what you get when you buy Fitdoheem K8 Recovery Pants

Carrying bag

Nice carrying bag so you can take your recovery trousers with you when you go to a competition, training camp or other event.

8 overlapping zones

8 overlapping zones ensure a good recovery as there are no “dead spots” left untreated. With the K8 base, you get 3 zones for the upper leg and 3 zones for the lower leg.


Easy to set up, no excuses for not being recovered for your next workout – 5 minutes and you’re off.

Digital control

Gives you precise and easy control. Simply select the programme you want, as well as the intensity and duration of the treatment.

Remote control

It’s easy and convenient to customise the treatment to your liking.

6 programs

With 6 different programmes, you can choose exactly the treatment that suits you: Program A: MassageProgram

B: Lymphatic DrainageProgram

C: RecoveryProgram

D: Full Squeeze (full pressure in all chambers simultaneously)Program

E: Programme B + C in circulationProgramme

F: Program A + C + D in circulation.


Duration of treatment

Would you like a longer treatment after an intensive workout? Choose between a treatment time of 1 to 90 minutes.

Boot size

Whether you have long or short legs, simply choose the size that suits you.medium: 110 cm long, top circumference 70 cm.large: 125 cm long, top circumference 75 ensure the right size, measure from the inside of the leg to the heel.

Adjusting the intensity

Find the intensity that suits you with 30 to 240 mmhg.Can be used for:

– Swelling (lymphoedema).

– Fluid retention (lymphatic drainage).

– Hard muscle massage.

Zone Boost

Activate and deactivate zones and get the best treatment wherever you are. For example, if you don’t want to be treated in certain areas, you can deactivate the areas accordingly. Conversely, areas that need extra treatment can receive more intensive treatment.

Zip on boots

Zippered boots and hoses hidden in the race channel mean you don’t have to worry about anything, but can get started quickly.

Easy to clean

A cleaning cloth is all you need when your recovery boots get dirty.

– Fitdoheem K8 recovery trousers are CE marked, which means they comply with European regulations.

– In addition, Fitdoheem K8 recovery trousers are RoHs marked, a European directive that means the product complies with the requirements and rules of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electronic Equipment Directive to protect human health and the environment.

– All our recovery trousers are equipped with pressure sensors that allow you to adjust the pressure of the boots.

– Processing with our recovery trousers is completely safe. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you should stop your treatment or reduce the pressure.

– If you are pregnant, have an aneurysm or are undergoing treatment for thrombosis, please consult a doctor before using the boots.

– Please note that our recovery trousers are not intended for medical use. However, the boots are manufactured on the same principles as those used in hospitals.

– Recommended duration of use: 30 minutes per session.

– Indicative pressure recommendation:

– Swelling (lymphoedema): 20 – 240 mmHg.

– Fluid accumulation (lymphatic drainage): 90 – 180 mmHg

– Hard muscle massage: 180 – 240 mmHg

Machine:Volt: 220-240Watt: 306 program settingsCompression capacity 30-240mmHgPressure sensorCable length 1.5mHose length 1.5mBoots:Very durable and stain resistant materialSBS quality keyboard.

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