Mini Massage Gun


MINI Massage Gun, the world’s most compact and convenient percussion massager, charging via USB port. Relieve fatigue, warm up before a workout, recover muscles or relieve pain anytime, anywhere.



Mini pistol

Mini-portability: take it all with you wherever you go, get your body and mind back at any time and in any place: gym, airport, car, office, etc.

Size: Small as an iPhone, 137mm, Net weight: 498g, 1.1lbs ONLY.

Easy charging: Take any USB port, powerbank, laptop, car charger, charge and update anytime, anywhere.

Long battery life: Mini PLUS – 2900mAh – 10 hours

Powerful performance: Mini PLUS – 3500 rpm

45 DB – Ultra quiet vibration technology

Easy to use: 4 gear frequencies with 1 button

Aerospace grade aluminium alloy body

The best festival gifts for family, lovers and friends in 2020!



Model: Mini PLUS

Includes: Massage gun, 4 massage heads.

C-type cable, gift box, user’s manual

Motor model: 3510

Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Battery life: 10 hours

Amplitude: 10mm

Features: Non-slip design of handle and radiator cooling.

Nominal input: Type-c, 5V -2A

Power: 30W

Rated speed: Level 1 (1800 rpm) Level 2 (2400 rpm) Level 3 (3000 rpm) Level 4 (3500 rpm)

Net weight: 0.5 kg

Size: 140*90*45mm

Warranty: 12 months

Portable size: as small as an iPhone, 137mm, lightweight, only 1.08lbs.

Easy charging: USB cable supporting power bank, laptop, car charger. Enjoy the relaxing massage anytime, anywhere!

Powerful performance: 4 speeds from 1800 to 3200 rpm with high beat frequency, can penetrate 10mm deep into muscle groups, quickly breaks down lactic acid.

Easy to use: 4 speed frequency with 1 button. You could easily do your back by yourself and change the speed with one button.

Long endurance: 6 hours of battery life for 1.5 hours of charging. High-quality and high-capacity lithium battery, standby for 30 days. Smart chip provides protection against overload, undervoltage, pressure sensors and high temperature.

Durable use: aerospace-grade aluminium alloy material for the whole body, high temperature resistance, high hardness, easy heat dissipation.

Intelligent protection: it automatically turns off when it exceeds 10 minutes to prevent muscle damage.

Multi-functional massager: 4 different shaped massage heads to help users relax any muscle or body part as quickly as possible.

Ball head: large muscle groups such as arms, back, hips, etc.

Spherical head: for joints, deep tissue, palms and trigger points.

Flat head: relaxation of the whole body muscles

Fork head: for the neck, spine and Achilles tendon


This is the smallest percussion massager ever made, the perfect gift for parents, friends and lovers.

Mini Impact Massager World Class Service

Warranty: 12 months free warranty

Benefits of the Mini Impact Massager:

The benefits of an impact massager are many. For all of you who aspire to have a toned, healthy and well-built body, it is important to keep the muscles relaxed and ensure that the blood is actively circulating in the body. Massagers are simple, effective and convenient products that not only save you money, but help you exercise regularly and achieve your body goals!

Buy the best impact massager and achieve your goals without pain or demotivation.

1) Reduces muscle tension.

The portable body massager works like a miracle. Its percussion therapy makes it effective. Gymnastics or sports can be an exhausting activity. It can lead to muscle damage and pain, which prevents you from being at your best the next day. For this reason, a massager is essential. A massager helps you feel relaxed by releasing lactic acid and similar toxins, which reduces pain and muscle stiffness. This will make you feel freer, more flexible and ready for your next physical activity.

2) Makes you more flexible

By breaking down muscle fibres, a massager will help you become more flexible. The results are even better if you also stretch at the gym. This is important because massagers prevent your muscles from getting tangled. These occur when the muscle fibres stick together. Knots are painful and prevent you from exercising your full range of motion. Therefore, using a massage gun not only tones your body, but also prevents any form of muscle damage.

3) A faster way to warm up.

Because using a hand-held massage gun makes you more flexible, blood flow improves dramatically. Better regulated blood flow means your body warms up faster before any physical activity, such as a workout or a run. Therefore, with a massage gun, you will get a sports massage that will help you warm up faster and perform better.

4) Convenience

Making an appointment at a regular massage parlor can be expensive for many people. That’s why few people focus on relaxing their muscles. A massage gun is a one-time purchase that gives effective results. It will help you train better and get the body you want. Use it anytime after your workout and feel the difference!

The Mini Impact Massager is not only effective but also affordable enough for you to use and get the ultimate summer body you are aiming for! Order the best percussion massager today!

How to use the MINI Massage Gun

This impact gun can be used before, during and after your workout in a variety of ways: 2-3 minutes before your workout, 10-15 seconds during breaks in your workout, or 20 minutes after your workout to treat sore muscles

Turn on the switch at the bottom and press “Start” before placing the gun on the body, set the speed (force) to the mode that suits you best.


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